When I made a video with Chris Harris about the differences between driving a stock, brilliant-yet-slow Porsche Cayman and a lightly modified, sloppy-yet-fast Audi S4 Avant, I practically invited the community to challenge my claim that the 2013 Cayman, fun as it may be, offers the "worst dollars-to-horsepower" ratio of any new car.

Kinja user Intending_Acceleration took me to task, not only demonstrating that I was wrong, but also creating a chart to demonstrate that I was wrong by a long shot. In fact, the Bugatti Veyron offers a vastly worse dollar-to-horsepower ratio than the Cayman. But in all fairness, there is more to performance than dollars-to-horsepower (unless you're on the internet, in which case there isn't). What about weight? So, Intending_Acceleration added that in the chart, to come up with some of the best, and worst performers in the ultimate value test for sports cars: Dollars per Horsepower per ton. See what we came up with at The Smoking Tire