Video: Pantera - To Restore or to Pro-Tour?

Before driving one, I had a very clear image in my head of what I was sure driving a Detomaso Pantera would be like. Fortunately I'm the kind of person who, with enough phone calls, can hook up something like that, so we found two of them for a comparison test. They are less than three years apart, but couldn't be more different.


In this corner, in the red and gray trunks, a spectacularly restored 1974 Pantera GTS, as stock as it comes, right down to the trunk and, spare wheel, which I've never actually seen before. And in the other corner, a comic book superhero called Adrnln, a complete pro-touring build based on a 1971 model that had deteriorated too far for a restoration. There's almost nothing left of DeTomaso, and hell, even Nike designed the interior.

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