Video: Is the Cadillac ELR Twice as Cool as the Chevy Volt?

I love, and I mean love, my Chevy Volt. People who haven't driven one don't get it, and that's fine. It's not for everybody, and that's fine. What's important about choosing a car is that it works for your lifestyle, right? And the Volt works for mine. But the problem is that it just isn't that cool. You have to explain why it's cool to everyone, or they question your sanity.


To fix that problem, GM has given us "the Cadillac of Volts," the ELR. Underneath, it's mostly Volt, except for a few very cool upgrades. Outside, it looks like a prop car from Demolition Man, and that's fucking cool.

But is it $75,000 worth of cool? Zack and I took them for a spin together to find out.

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