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It has been 27 years and a week since I first saw a Delorean. On my 31st birthday, I decided it was time I bought one. A week after my 32nd birthday, I finally got to take her home. I know, Deloreans aren't fast. I know, Deloreans had sketchy build quality, the result of being built in Northern Ireland. I know, most people have no desire to drive, own, or be seen anywhere near a Delorean. But I don't care.


We found my car in a storage unit in San Pedro in August of 2013, and immediately put it into a full restoration, and all the waiting, all the money, and all the work was absolutely worth it. We're going to make a "pretty" video soon, but here's what it's like to finally bring your dream car home, and here's an in-depth walkaround where I'll show you all the things that got replaced, and all the things that are still original and good as new.

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