Video: The First 20 Minutes With an Alfa 4C Will Melt Your Brain

The Alfa Romeo 4C is an important car for both Fiat/Chrysler and us, the enthusiast consumers. It offers the purest driving experience available from a road car, Italian styling, properly advanced carbon construction, and a great soundtrack. But what's it like to drive on American roads? Mind bending. » 9/30/14 3:58pm Today 3:58pm

I wish we had the time to make a full film, since the exhaust sound is crazy, and you don't really get that in the car with the windows closed. When Thad was doing a run, I could hear the car the entire way up the snake all the way from the Rock Store. It's obscenely loud (in a good way) » 9/24/14 6:31pm 9/24/14 6:31pm

I've played it, and it's really really good fun. The game is spectacularly beautiful, the physics are half a step back from 5 intentionally, making it much more forgiving when using a controller, but I tried a few cars and they were distinctly different in sound and feel, and the setting (location) is brilliant. It… » 9/20/14 12:21pm 9/20/14 12:21pm

Video: Rally North America US50 in a Jeep SRT, Part 2: Missouri to…

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first half of our coverage of Rally North America's biggest event yet: the US50 Rally, from West Virginia to Missouri. Then last week, we showed you what our Jeep SRT is like at a hot, elevated track day. Today, let's see more sights, meet more folks, and share the conclusion of Rally… » 9/09/14 12:15pm 9/09/14 12:15pm

How Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Handle a Hot Track Day?

I recently had the pleasure of spending two weeks and 4,000 miles on Rally North America in one of the greatest vehicles to ever come out of the US of A: the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. It's comfortable, fast, and full of practicality. But how does it handle a road course, at 4,500 feet of elevation, when it's 95… » 9/05/14 12:25pm 9/05/14 12:25pm

because of how they drive really. A G63 on a race track, despite that engine, that gearbox, and those tires, would be a joke. A Jeep SRT on a track, though heavy, is still fundamentally a really fun experience. Adding some power to the SRT would enhance that experience at a reasonable price, whereas the G65 is… » 9/03/14 1:30am 9/03/14 1:30am

Best thing to do on Thursday is to go to Carmel and grab brunch on the main street around 10:30 AM and watch as all the cars that were driving since crack of dawn roll up and just park there for a bit. And right around 12:30, they roll out of there, and you can watch them drive then. All for free (well, the cost of… » 8/21/14 9:35pm 8/21/14 9:35pm

I was told recently (i think on our podcast by Jonny Lieberman, who had just returned from driving the 6x6) that all G-wagens, military, decontented work versions, standard Euro versions, all the way up to the AMG's are built on the same assembly line..... and that 70% of ALL OF THEM are AMG's. Built to order. » 8/14/14 3:25am 8/14/14 3:25am

Video: Rally North America is the Rally You Really Want to (and can!)…

As someone with some level of experience regarding the "high profile" rallies, I can say definitively that I have no desire whatsoever to do a high-profile rally anymore. They reek of wretched excess and sketchy driving, and leave your license in tatters. So this year, when Rally North America invited us along,… » 8/13/14 12:20pm 8/13/14 12:20pm

Anyone who listens to the TST Podcast knows that registering my Delorean has been an absolute nightmare, and the nightmare started because there was no title, the car had a lien, and the lienholder went out of business (thus satisfying the lien, sort of). The nightmare has continued because the California DMV system… » 8/08/14 6:20pm 8/08/14 6:20pm